Wednesday, June 24, 2009

53 Degrees at Carlon Falls

Woo whee! Fifty three degrees of chilly bikini.

In the high Sierras two days ago, I cleared my head for tomorrow's road trip. Yes, the moment comes when you find the will to dive in and swim like you mean it. I sucked up icy buckets of courage inside the cave below Carlon Falls, under the curtain of surging, tumbling water force and said, "Fill me up. Let's go. I'm ready." Son Josef, a budding videographer and I will travel across the country documenting sustainable farms for the Agricultlore Book Project. We're diving in... But first, to finish packing.


chezwiz said...
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chezwiz said...

Bon Voyage and dog's speed on your farm trip across the USA?

Pan said...

hey a summer of visiting farms. sounds like a great way to travel, work and spend time with your son. i'm still not sure what my july schedule is. guess we'll need to be in touch. i'm gone again for the weekend. email me and let me know the details of your p-town farm trip.
love and good luck, pan

acm said...

how fabulous to travel with your son and
explore the roots of our childhood.
i love it. been talking of our trip to europe after high school with my kids. how fun it was & you are still exploring the world. just wonderful.
we will miss you in s.f. hoping to see you
in july but you will be traveling the country.
s. still composting and worming. worm-man
still applies. my friends started edible santa barbara magazine that promotes sustainable
farming, etc.
kids fabulous. fun, crazy, happy, beautiful.
miss you. write soon.
xo, acm

Laura said...

I'm back from the south and now you're gone. It seems you've found other swimming holes and btw, why don't I see that bathing suit at the Dolphin Club?
I'll be watching you and Josef on your travels and am jealous.

Ciao, Laura