Thursday, August 12, 2010

Apples to Onions

Guess which apple and which onion came from my CSA share.

Hint number one: It's fun to get a gob of random produce every week in our CSA bag. No matter what surprise awaits us, it will be in season and small "D" delicious. This year's crop of Gravensteins is just starting. The crunchiest, tartest apple on the plate.

Second hint: One of the (capital "D" delicious) apples came from the Fillmore. At the end of a show there the other night, we showed our teenager the basket Bill Graham always filled with free apples for any hungry hippie to have something to eat. Happily, they still give them out to house audiences. Love the 1960s tradition, but does anyone know the Fillmore's produce buyer these days? Let's get them to buy fresh buy local!

Third hint: The small onions are also crunchier and sweeter than the big kahuna onion.

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