Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Michael Pollan selects "Farm Together Now" as his fave food book of 2010

High Drama: Two hours before our San Francisco book signing at Green Arcade, I saw on Twitter that Michael Pollan selected "Farm Together Now" as his fave food book of 2010. My collaborators Amy, Daniel, Corinne, Brian, and our publisher Chronicle Books were thrilled. I'm most happy that with Pollan's public endorsement, the stories of the good folks in our book will have a wider audience. Folks like Sam Comfort, who raises bees in the Hudson Valley of New York State, not for their honey (though it is delicious) but for their queens.

Applause: Thank you Sam Comfort for your bee-work that builds pollen and thank you Michael Pollan for your word-work that bring us comfort. And sweet success to all who toil for seed and soil.

Happy New Year, 2011.

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Brad Wenner said...

congrats anne! happy new year!