Monday, March 8, 2010

Dr. Edgar Wayburn: Rest in Peace

Ed Wayburn passed away this weekend. This monster conservationist preserved 100 million acres of land in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Think of him next time you walk along Ocean Beach, Tennessee Valley, Crissy Field... pretty much over any hill or valley in the Bay Area. Our divine spot on this planet would look very different without his lifelong efforts.

I took this photo of Dr. Wayburn for the cover of his memoir,  "Your Land and Mine: Evolution of a Conservationist." He liked the spot on top of Mt. Tamalpais where I took him. Looking out over the land he said, "This is where it all began; the drive to save the land started here and we just kept moving South."

Hats off to you, Dr. Wayburn.  We thank you kindly.

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sarah said...

With gratitude to the man who makes it possible for you and I to hike in those beautiful Bay Area hills.

Lovely portrait, Ms. Annne